• "The best way to build momentum and create a movement is to tell a good story."

    Daron Roberts

  • "I am not serving a menu. I am serving a story. I am serving a conversation and I want you to talk back to me. I want you to [have a] dialogue with me. I am triggering something inside of you, the memories inside of you. And if I do this, I know that I am doing the right thing."

    Dominique Crenn, Chef Atelier Crenn San Francisco

  • "Everyone will think it’s stupid! Everyone says it’s impossible!’ Guess what? Everyone works in the balloon factory and everyone is wrong."

    Seth Godin

  • "No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time."

    Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

  • "If you want to bring a fundamental change in people’s belief and behavior...you need to create a community around them, where those new beliefs can be practiced and expressed and nurtured."

    Malcolm Gladwell

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Ideas, stories and experiments around NPS

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NPS and the Devil

NPS and the Devil

Looking to inspire and stimulate an NPS programme to reach a new level is hard. It is hard to change an organisation, and it is hard to challenge...
NPS and Jalapeños

NPS and Jalapeños

So you'll often hear me talk about engaging the organisation. And when I do I'll usually be quick to point out that it's all about creating...

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