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The NPS affair

My business background in NPS

"If you want to bring a fundamental change in people’s belief and need to create a community around them, where those new beliefs can be practiced and expressed and nurtured."

Malcolm Gladwell


End 2011 I originated, designed and ran the NPS Programme for leading insurer Nationale-Nederlanden and went on to do so till end 2015. Setting it up and studying all the material there was no doubt there's a lot to be dealt with around functionality, systems and reports. But hang on...  

Shouldn’t it be about getting people on board? Using this fantastic way of connecting to customers’ stories to get people on the inside emotionally involved as well?

Considering all the standard functional, flowchart templates and models as a given, a great deal of time was spent to design a new innovative approach that focused primarily on engaging the business. More in particular, how could we grab the attention? From the outset this focus on tapping into human behaviour was key to the success. To educate, stimulate and enthuse. But also to provoke, use scarcity and puzzlement. To get in people's heads. All to create an inspiring culture that stimulates customer experience initiatives throughout the organisation. It worked beautifully. And led to an acclaimed best-in-class NPS Programme. 

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Global NPS Programme

Following the national success for the last two or so years I served as Head of Global NPS. Restyling and modernizing the NPS programmes for 12 countries throughout Europe and Japan that are NN Group (formerly known as ING Investment), increasing the FTE count to about 12,000.

This meant streamlining and modernizing the basics such as the systems, contracts, processes and so on. And it also meant driving change in attitude towards the possibilities of the new NPS philosophy, one that has evolved in the past few years and is ideal to engage with customers in new ways, as well as using it to empower and enthuse employees. 

A great time, diving into the many different motivational aspects of NPS across all those areas and all different cultures. Ranging from incorporating Asian Manga-style and Spanish femininity, to dealing with Polish versus Turkish cultures, and many discussions with colleagues abroad and many of those became true friends.

Sharing experiences

In the meanwhile I had wonderful meetings, sparring sessions and chance encounters on NPS with numerous companies at home and abroad. From Spanish airlines to Danish make-up, from British luxury smartphones to Dutch publishers and even the (odd one-out) South-Korean government. I had the honour of meeting with NPS authors Mr. Reicheld en Mr. Markey, presented on various international events and seminars, got published in articles by renowned companies like Forrester, interviewed on air by ABN-AMRO, and got officially certified as a Net Promoter Associate ©. What a ride.

Now, as a speaker at conferences, in inspiration sessions, workshops and masterclasses, and face to face with a good coffee I share how a solid preparation and strategic programme is best combined with an unorthodox focus, provocative tactics, being somewhat rebellious and a lot of strange insights. Whether in a corporate international environment or a young start-up, it leads to a successful approach, an aligned organisation and a boost in customer loyalty. 

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Working with...

I work together with all sorts of clever, interesting and talented people I had the luck of encountering during wonderful meetings, sparring sessions and chance encounters on NPS at home and abroad. 

Ranging from NPS professionals in various fields (for example in technical infrastructure, research, or communication) to outliers like childrenbook illustrators (for the most marvelous NPS surveys you have ever seen). It's this diversity that keeps inspiration surging and enables a fresh outlook and novel approaches. 


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