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You are interested in NPS and are looking to learn more about it or get challenged in a presentation or key note? About the role it plays in changed customer behaviour, and the unruly daily practice of it... Or get an inspiration session to see in-depth how these learnings apply to your particular organisation and its specific challenges. 



From the history of customer experience right through to trends in consumer behaviour hear how NPS plays a crucial role, how difficult it can be to implement and why it is so very good to be rebellious. From the invention of the phone to benefits of innovative sheep, you'll leave with energy, inspiration and practical examples.

Format: presentation  |  Duration: 45 mins - 1 hour  |  Location: in-house or at events, round tables, seminars


From the bigger picture to the smallest details, we'll dive in and go beyond textbook. I'll share approaches, models and the real life experiences from running international NPS programmes myself, from hilarious hits to very painful misses. With it we'll discuss possibilities, challenges, obstacles and chances that you can use to start or refresh your NPS programme. Needless to say you're guaranteed to see lots of examples of best practices, strange insights and a ton more.

Format: session or workshop  |  Duration: 3 - 4 hours  |  Location: inhouse or facilitated by me at an external site in Delft, NL (optional: inspirational company visit and/or dinner)

inspiratie liggend



  • You are looking for a key note for your event, round table session, industry seminar, or a presentation to get an internal audience up-to-date and inspired, e.g. your Board or an (international) employee meeting.
  • You seek an inspiration session / workshop as you are interested or involved in an NPS, Voice of the Customer or Customer Experience team.
  • You are looking for a senior allround NPS expert with proven first hand experience and well-versed in presentations at various international podia and audiences, with a fresh outlook and an entertaining presentation style.



The background, theory and philosophy of NPS. Its various forms and influences. Benefits and pitfalls. Related customer experience models. Customer experience history and changed customer behavior trends. The evolution towards NPS2.0. The move towards “sharing experiences”. The art of designing surveys and 'survey fatigue'. Embedding social media. Exploring new possibilities. 


Pragmatic models. The very basic elements needed. What NPS operationally means. The tactical and strategical choices to make. System choices. Organizational roles, operational fire fighting and prevention. The power of communication. Budgets, targets, contracts. Big Brother and the Workers’ Councils and Trade Unions. Cultural (international) scores. 


Employee engagement. The importance of storytelling. The use of soapboxes. Nurturing hotspots and countering resistance. Using “the potential of the crowds”. Impact by disrupting. Gamification, reporting and dashboarding. Opting for a steady and solid big bang NPS versus a more adventurous hotspot approach. Discovering unusual stakeholders. Cultural (international) differences. 



You thought NPS was going to be just a mind-numbing presentation on scores?

Let me dare you to learn why NPS is related to:

  • restaurant menu’s, gamification, hummingbirds, dashboards and selfies, body scans, watches' displays, Nicolas Cage, Gmail, Iceland, architecture and landscapes, football shirts, the use of NPSc, the magazine-test, innovative sheep, and so on…

(admit it, you're curious)

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For who and which industries I work

I work for companies B2C and B2B large and small that want to reinvigorate or start with NPS. I also work with NPS systems suppliers and NPS research bureaus that are seeking to offer their clients more with their data and insights than just a functional report.

I work on national and international projects and am not confined to any specific industry (I have been internationally involved in Financial Services, Telecom, Entertainment, Arts and I sparred with numerous other like Airlines, Construction, Energy and Government).

To create an NPS that truly stands out I can advice in specialised knowledge - for instance technical system suppliers - or if so requested I can recommend valued partners to you with whom I often work and trust.

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