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You are definitely into NPS, but where to start? An NPS programme can be a lot. Time-consuming, complex and covering operational, tactical and strategic aspects. But let's not make it more difficult then it is. It only takes 6 steps to start or re-design. An easy quick scan and a design workshop are the ones important in this phase.



With a quick scan you get a very easy and low-cost first idea of your possibilities to start or reinvigorate your NPS. With a limited number of short interviews I’ll plot your organisation against the Stick|Engage|Change model. You receive a one-pager report indicating findings and a suggested approach. Easy.

Format: interviews  |  Duration: 1 week  |  Location: in-house


Together we will go through the various aspects around NPS to design an overall approach or towards a specific challenge. The result is a groundplan (or blueprint) for you to realise your NPS programme step-by-step and an energetic and buzzing team that is ready to start.

Format: workshop(s)  |  Duration: t.b.d., varying from 4 hours to 2,5 days  |  Location: in-house or facilitated by me at an external site in Delft, NL (optional: inspirational company visit and/or dinner)

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  • You are new to NPS and want to start a programme, or you already have it and want to refresh what is currently running, or you have a specific challenge.
  • You are e.g. a commercial director, a manager or a teammember of an NPS or Voice of the Customer or Customer Experience team.
  • You are looking for a senior allround NPS expert with proven first hand experience in programme design, e.g. quick scans, workshops and training



You need a starting point. Luckily there are various models with which you can tick the boxes. We’ll go through the functional and operational essentials and all the way to creating a stimulating environment that sees NPS as a chance and not a threat.


The choice for a NPS system supplier (the IT structure with which you send and retrieve the surveys) has a long-lasting effect on your programme. So you better make sure it’s carefully selected and by good terms.


For call centres for instance, NPS means firmly embedding new rules to the daily routine of processes, communication and training (to name a few). But what's exactly needed and how do you align it with performance KPI’s like AHT? 


So you and your team are convinced. But then what? How do you get stakeholders onboarded? Which arguments are likely to be raised? You need a one-pager and a clear outline to get your ideas greenlighted and your new programme started. 


Activation and engagement is so important. Otherwise you have bought yourself a big white elephant (a big waste of cash) with your NPS system that no one uses. A clever design for communication, activation, recognition and even (my favourite) provocation is crucial for NPS success. 

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For who and which industries I work

I work for companies B2C and B2B large and small that want to reinvigorate or start with NPS. I also work with NPS systems suppliers and NPS research bureaus that are seeking to offer their clients more with their data and insights than just a functional report.

I work on national and international projects and am not confined to any specific industry (I have been internationally involved in Financial Services, Telecom, Entertainment, Arts and I sparred with numerous other like Airlines, Construction, Energy and Government).

To create an NPS that truly stands out I can advice in specialised knowledge - for instance technical system suppliers - or if so requested I can recommend valued partners to you with whom I often work and trust.

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