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You would definitely like to do more with NPS, but it's an “on the side” thing so you rather have someone run it for you, support you or advice you? Or you feel NPS is all about being functional now and you'd like to take up communication as you know that's essential to engage the organisation and create a buzzing environment.



I will set up and run the entire NPS programme for you. From choosing the right system, to operational implementation, to getting the organisation to adopt it. Or I will support you, help you out with running the programme, specific initiatives and challenges and advice you on overall progress, obstacles and opportunities.

Format: I join you and your team on a temporary basis or advice you periodically  |  Duration: t.b.d.


One of the most powerful means to create an NPS movement is communication. I create infographics for you to stir up the organisation with your scores. I'll help you design your storytelling, roadshows, trainings and various material with which to put the spotlight on NPS. Because engaging the organisation begins with a compelling story.

Format and duration: t.b.d.

Infographics liggend



  • You are new to NPS or already measure it and want to get to a new level, you have a specific challenge to tackle or you'd like a sparring partner for support and advice.
  • You seek someone to get the organisation enthusiastic, get them involved and engaged. Putting the spotlight on NPS.
  • You are looking for a senior allround NPS expert with proven first hand experience in programmes and communication e.g. roadshows, events, trainings, creative and visual design.



  • A compelling story that inspires your audience?

  • A strategic bigger story to sway executives? *

  • Surveys set up so customers feel like sharing experiences (instead of answering questions)?

  • A solid system and its dashboard is inviting?

  • Data and reports that are well read and even coveted?

  • Support for hotspots to ignite the NPS energy and create a movement?

  • Targets put on NPS and now you’re in a tough spot with Compliance, Risk, HR, IT, Workers’ Council and so on?

  • A challenge with the AHT increase in your call centre ?

  • Streamlining different methodologies or systems across labels and countries?

* I’ll help you with this one:

C-level discussion

Watch  |  Listen  |  look

Typical discussion & a helpful answer

Of course you are stuck to treat NPS as a functional metric. But you need to break out of this. I’ve been in many C-level discussions like:

He/she: "So this NPS…. We ask our customers a bunch of questions so that is research, right? See, it is delivering scores. So, let’s send out those surveys and see what comes back. Show me the report in three months’ time and show me what actions I need to take."

You know you’ve entered a downward spiral, right? The answer you might want to give is:

You: "Well... No. Not exactly. NPS is actually all about employee engagement. The goal is to give as many people as possible access to the feedback that customers have given, to stimulate them to take action upon it and to create an entrepreneurial spirit for continuous improvement and thus realising the best customer experience possible. In short: Happy employees will lead to happy customers (and happy stakeholders and investors). So yes, you will receive your report (by the way, let’s make it real-time) and you’ll see how we are using NPS to fire up this organization to a customer-centric powerhouse."

Sounds a lot better…

For who and which industries I work

I work for companies B2C and B2B large and small that want to reinvigorate or start with NPS. I also work with NPS systems suppliers and NPS research bureaus that are seeking to offer their clients more with their data and insights than just a functional report.

I work on national and international projects and am not confined to any specific industry (I have been internationally involved in Financial Services, Telecom, Entertainment, Arts and I sparred with numerous other like Airlines, Construction, Energy and Government).

To create an NPS that truly stands out I can advice in specialised knowledge - for instance technical system suppliers - or if so requested I can recommend valued partners to you with whom I often work and trust.

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